Okusiiba ohingire osiiba ogiire kunywaana

ICOB was founded out of an urgent need to promote the cultural, social and economic development of Banyakigezi in Uganda and in the Diaspora, and to pass on the importance of customs, language and wisdom handed down from our forefathers to our children. We teach them that to lose one’s language, history and traditions is to lose one’s identity.

ICOB brings Banyakigezi and friends together to form a strong and sustainable forum, through which we promote our culture, network and support each other, and contribute towards the socio-economic development of Kigezi. ICOB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, registered in the USA and Uganda.


Very many Banyakigezi live outside our beloved homeland of Kigezi, Uganda. One consequence of this dispersion is that many Banyakigezi, especially those living outside Uganda, have lost touch with our cultural practices and values. It is possible that the majority of Abanyakigezi living outside Kigezi do not even know the geographic boundaries of Kigezi, our history, our original clans, our taboos and totems, leave alone speaking our languages – Orukiga, Oruhororo n’Orufumbira [Ikinyarwanda].

We invite you to browse through our website. Here, you will learn more about ICOB, ICOB’s Flagship – Kigezi Education Fund (KEF) and the difference the efforts of the organization is making today. You will also discover more about the allure of our land and its people.

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